“Most of this action comes without box-score reward, the likes of which James also tends to earn in bulk. He scores plenty, racks up assists and piles up rebounds. But James contributes in so many ways at virtually all times that it’s baffling his style could ever be considered to be empty or in any way passive. He’s not limited in scope to his counted contributions on the scoreboard, or even to that which is immediately noticeable.”

Michael Jordan comparisons a disservice to LeBron James’ wide-reaching game 

LeBron is amazing…just acknowledge it. Thanks. 

“WINNER: Steve Nash, again “Hmmmmm … what should we do on this play? Should I run the high screen with Pau again? I could always just take a rest and dump it over to Kobe for a play. Or, I could beat my guy, try to draw Dwight’s guy over and throw him an alley-oop that he’ll catch as long as it’s within five feet of the rim. God, this is fun. Eff it, I think I’ll just shoot a 3 — if it doesn’t go in, Dwight will just get the rebound, anyway … “”

The Sports Guy on Dwight Howard’s Move to the Lakers - Grantland

Kind of a big deal trade just happened this morning. Dwight Howard (easily the best center and an overall top five player in the league IF healthy) joined the Lakers and their newly acquired Steve Nash. I can’t imagine anything but a Lakers v. Heat 2013 finals and I’m really ok with that. 


Scott Brooks with so much class (by myannarell)

Unbelievable. Here’s a look into a late huddle during the Heat’s Finals clinching game. As a basketball fan, I really want to see more Heat/Thunder finals in the years to come. Incredible series. 

“You can’t imagine what this was like to witness in person. I know Michael Jordan had similarly astonishing games, and others, too, but not with stakes like that. This wasn’t just an elimination game. This was LeBron James’s entire career being put on trial … and it only took an hour for him to tell the jury, “Go home. I’m one of the best players ever. Stop picking me apart. Stop talking about the things I can’t do. Stop holding me to standards that have never been applied to any other NBA player. Stop blaming me for an admittedly dumb decision I never should have made. Stop saying I’m weak. Stop saying that I don’t want to win. Stop. Just … stop.”
It was like being in a car accident. LeBron James ran over 18,000 people.”

Bill Simmons on The Consequences of Caring

Not only is it a cool piece regarding a father-daughter relationship but it also puts some perspective on just how incredible LeBron was in Game 6, and how people should back the heck off. 

Seriously…this glasses dude is NOT excited enough. 

Seriously…this glasses dude is NOT excited enough. 




Distressed jeans for distressed owners.

MJ’s Charlotte Bobcats set the mark for futility this season. Their winning percentage of .106 was the worst by any team in NBA history. Pretty great that his jeans fit the record.  


ESPN Michael Jordan Commercial — It’s Not Crazy, It’s Sports (by ESPN)

Great commercial, or greatest commercial ever?!? 

There’s only one right answer.

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