My brother is a badass. #ChicagoDramatists #theatre

My brother is a badass. #ChicagoDramatists #theatre

I’m such good rehearsal dinner company. #social #gocards

I’m such good rehearsal dinner company. #social #gocards

Happy Tuesday. #Waino #GoCards #completegameshutout  (at Busch Stadium)

Happy Tuesday. #Waino #GoCards #completegameshutout (at Busch Stadium)

The third time was another charm. @ntnl #ChicagoTheater  (at The Chicago Theatre)

The third time was another charm. @ntnl #ChicagoTheater (at The Chicago Theatre)


Puig: Defector and Enigma

Puig started the game against the San Diego Padres with a bloop single. He ended the game with a bazooka-worthy throw that doubled up a runner at first. The next day he homered twice. Two days later, he slugged a grand slam. By the end of the month, Puig had amassed 44 hits, a debut topped only by Joe DiMaggio. Instantly the rookie was a “diva” and a “rock star,” the machinery of fame and fandom, nonexistent in Cuba, scrutinizing every foible and flourish. Whether it was a frivolous slide after a walk-off home run or a boys’ night out at the Playboy Mansion during the all-star break, Puig had triggered something akin to a referendum on what it means to respect the national pastime. No moment symbolized the spectacle more than his Game 3 blast in the National League Championship Series against St. Louis: Having flipped his bat and trotted in triumph toward first, he suddenly realized that the ball had hit the fence and he needed to sprint—and even then he made it to third, with time for a bunny hop. “He must think that he’s still playing somewhere else,” an irked Carlos Beltran, the Cardinals’ veteran, said after the game.

— Great article about Puig’s arrival to the States and MLB. I didn’t get as upset by his Game 3 antics as others in Cardinal Nation and feel better about it now so that’s not terrible either.
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